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24 Hours with Arbonne Skincare & Nutrition

Hey everyone, hope you're all having a lovely and relaxing weekend!

As a vegan who is very much into health and beauty products, I'm always on the lookout for new cruelty-free skincare and make up to try. I know from personal experience that when you first go vegan it can be quite difficult (and can get kind of expensive!) to find products that are not only kind to animals but also kind to your skin, which is why I love sharing my finds with you guys - if I can help you cut down on the time and expense of trying products that don't work then that's brilliant!

One of my favourite companies which I've recently discovered is definitely Arbonne; Arbonne is a 100% vegan skincare. make up and nutrition company (certified by the Vegan Society in the UK, yay!) which uses natural and nourishing ingredients and has a huge focus on wellness. 

As I'm an avid make up and skincare fan, when I was contacted and asked to participate in a campaign for Arbonne I was obviously super excited and said yes straight away! Some of the products weren't very suitable for my skin (I look about 12 so I don't think I need to use anti-aging products!) so I recruited my lovely mum to help me try them out; we had a fabulous pampering session in my living room which was only marred by my boyfriend laughing at us whilst I vigorously dabbed my mother's face with a beauty blender covered in CC cream. The cheek of him!

Pure Vibrance Shampoo & Pure Vibrance Conditioner

"Start the day by washing your hair with products from Arbonne's Pure Vibrance Range. Formulated using fortifying ingredients that help prevent strands from further breakage and damage, follow up with the conditioner that restores needed moisture to chemically treated hair."

The first items I tried from the selection of products I was very kindly sent was the Pure Vibrance shampoo and conditioner set. First off, let me just say that the packaging of these products is such a gorgeous colour! This set is designed to be used on colour treated hair and although I haven't dyed my hair for about four years, I did used to bleach it a lot (I had pink hair with brunette roots, sue me) so the ends still aren't in the best condition. I've definitely noticed a slight improvement since I started using this shampoo and conditioner though, which is great news!

FC5 Conditioning Body Moisture

"After a shower, it's important to lock in moisture as soon as possible. To keep your body hydrated throughout the day, try Arbonne's FC5 Conditioning Body Moisture, proven to leave skin smoother and softer".

I love love love this body moisturiser! It smells incredible, leaves my skin beautifully smooth and makes sure my dry patches are banished for the rest of the day. It unfortunately doesn't work on full-on eczema flare ups but would be a perfect everyday moisturiser for pretty much anyone.

RE9 Firming Body Cream

"The RE9 Firming Body Cream supports collagen, promoting firmer-looking, smoother-feeling skin." 

My mum tried this product out for about a week and absolutely adored it; she said it definitely made her legs look smoother, and upon seeing the results I promptly took the tub back to try it for myself! It's such a lovely formula and would definitely be well-suited to anyone who feels like their skin needs a bit of a lift and boost.

Calm Gentle Daily Cleanser

"Gently wash away any excess oil and dirt with this gentle cleanser that's kind to your skin."

One of my favourite products, this cleanser from Arbonne's Calm range was made for my sensitive skin. It has barely any scent, and is incredibly cooling and soothing, even on bad skin days. I loved it so much that I've recently tried the Calm moisturiser and serum too, both of which are absolutely amazing and some of the best skincare products I've ever used! I 100% recommend this for anyone with sensitive or unpredictable skin.

Pomegranate Fizz Sticks

"Around 3pm is the perfect time to enjoy an Arbonne Fizz Stick. The botanically based powder sachets are added to water to give you that extra boost you need after a busy day."

Another of my favourite products, these fizz sticks have been a life saver for me recently; the campaign brief recommended I have them in the afternoon but I've actually been throwing them into my usual water bottle I take to work (one sachet mixed with about 600ml water) and sipping on it throughout the day! Not only do they taste divine (kind of like sherbert!), they also give you a huge energy boost which is perfect if you're on the go for the majority of the day. Best of all they contain B vitamins which are vital for everyone, especially those on a vegan or vegetarian diet.

Daily Fibre Support

Okay, so even though I aim to eat a 'plant-based diet' with a large portion of my calories coming from fruit, veg, legumes, nuts and whole grains, I'm sometimes guilty of consuming nothing but processed foods all day (I say guilty but I'm absolutely not at all, haha! Sometimes you just gotta have chocolate cake for breakfast, ya feel?). On the days when my diet is less than optimal in the fibre department, Arbonne's Daily Fibre Support is my saviour. Add it to a smoothie or just mix it with some water or dairy-free milk and you're sorted!

Vanilla Protein Shake Powder

"Following a morning workout, or even a simple walk to work, keep your energy up and repair your muscles by increasing your protein intake."

I'm always on the lookout for a decent protein powder; large amounts of legumes do not agree with my stomach at all, so I do tend to need to supplement my diet with other protein sources to make sure I feel my best. I usually opt for protein powder that doesn't contain stevia because it's one of those ingredients that I absolutely despise the taste of, but luckily the stevia in Arbonne's protein powder is barely noticeable so it still tasted delicious! The fact that the powder is in sachets appealed greatly to my lazy self, as all I had to do was throw it in a shaker with some almond milk - zero measuring required!

Makeup Primer, Intelligence CC Cream, It's A Long Story Mascara & Glossed Over Lip Gloss Hazel

"Prepare your skin to allow your makeup to glide on as smooth as possible."
"For a fresh face of makeup which doesn't prevent skin from breathing we recommend Arbonne's CC Cream. The lightweight formula gives skin a healthier looking appearance, whilst minimising pores and providing coverage."
"Maximise your eyes and look wide awake with this super elongating mascara."
"Treat yourself to maximum lip shine with major softness, a great way to make a natural look, look more special!"

Onto my favourite set of products - the makeup! I'm not ashamed in the slightest to say that I'm an insane makeup fan; I've tried so many different vegan brands and products, so I'm pretty well versed in the whole cruelty-free makeup thing! For example, Arbonne's makeup primer is one of the best I've tried. I've only recently (in the last few months or so) started using primer but believe me when I say that it makes a huge difference to the way your makeup turns out! This primer was incredibly soft and hydrating, and definitely helped my foundation stay on better throughout the day.

Unfortunately although the CC cream I was sent was Arbonne's lightest shade, it was still way too dark for my zombie-like skin. Luckily this is where mother dearest came to the rescue! The shade matched her skin perfectly and gave gorgeous coverage when I applied it with a damp beauty blender. She said it made her skin feel smooth and gave it a beautiful texture.

Now, let me tell you that the road to finding the perfect vegan mascara has been a long and painful one for me. For some reason, companies just can't seem to get the formula right! However, Arbonne's mascara is my all-time favourite and is now a staple in my makeup bag. It lengthens lashes without clumping, doesn't smudge throughout the day and gives you a lovely doe-eyed effect. Love!

Finally, the lip gloss was a welcome surprise; I don't usually wear lip gloss as it seems very 10-years-old-at-a-school-disco, you know? But this lip gloss was a gorgeous nude brown colour and fairly thick so it actually looked like I was wearing a ~grown up~ product as opposed to a £2 gloss I picked up in Claire's. This is a beautiful product for everyday use, whether you're out with friends or at the office!

Intelligence Genius Ultra Device, Facial Oil & Lip Treatment

"The skin on your face is far more delicate than your body and requires extra attention. Using the Device ensures the product works deeper in the skin's ridges and provides the perfect surface for makeup."

I must admit, I was slightly terrified about using the Genius Ultra Device to begin with - it looks like a weapon or something you'd find at the dentist and I wasn't up for that. However, I now couldn't live without it! I use it with the Arbonne Intelligence Facial Oil every night before bed and it makes my skin feel intensely hydrated and glowy. It really is worth the expense, and I can't recommend it enough! I've been using the lip treatment a couple of nights a week too, and it's been really helping my lips when they get chapped. 

RE9 Advanced Night Repair Creme 

"Before bed it is important to ensure your skin is properly hydrated overnight. Arbonne's Night Repair Creme has a hydrating blend of botanicals and collagen supporting ingredients so you can wake up to visibly youthful looking skin."

The RE9 Night Repair Creme was my mum's favourite product and she told me that she's definitely noticed a huge different in her skin since she started using it; I obviously think that my mum is beautiful either way, but any product that makes her feel more confident in herself is amazing in my book! If you have more mature skin then this creme is a must have for you to give your face a little TLC.

So, there you have it - I thoroughly enjoyed my Arbonne experience! I'm so impressed with the quality of the products, and the fact that they're all vegan and cruelty-free is incredible too. I'm super excited to try more products (their whole make up range looks stunning) and absolutely recommend this company to anyone!

You can shop all of Arbonne's products here.

Note: I was sent these items from Arbonne to try out and review but, as usual, all opinions are my own.

Also, I loved the products so much that I decided to become an Arbonne Independent Consultant so I'll be writing more blog posts about that very soon!


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